What to wear a long skirt with?

Long skirts are above all basics that you must have in your wardrobe. They are very feminine pieces depending on how they are worn and other factors. Obviously, they are worn very often in summer but can also be worn in winter thanks to the different materials they offer and with the help of accessories.

Why wear a long skirt?

Most people who wear a long skirt don't necessarily have any particular reason that requires an explanation. Some choose to wear a long skirt to be better highlighted in relation to their large size, others for reasons of modesty, to not show their legs, because they do not like short skirts or quite simply because that they prefer long skirts.

You have your reasons but you don't know how to wear a long skirt. First, to know what to wear a long skirt with, you must first know the different types of long skirts.

long satin skirts

The different types of long skirts

As is the case with dresses, skirts, too, have different cuts and have their own specificity. There are different types of skirts such as:

  • the midi skirt

First up, we have the midi skirt. The midi skirt takes its name from its length which arrives just above the calves. It is a good length and is not tight. It is a little flared and therefore easy to wear for formal occasions.

You can wear it with many tops: blouses, shirts, t-shirts, crop tops. The ideal is to pass the top you want to wear under your belt to have a fitted effect.

To accentuate its elegant side, you can wear your midi skirt with high heels. The midi skirt is suitable for all body shapes but even more so for tall women since it stops at the calf and therefore visually reduces the waistline.

  • the pencil skirt

Next we have the pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is a skirt that is the most basic piece regarding elegance. It is ideal for a professional outfit or for chic events. It is often combined with a fitted blazer to complete the professional look. It is best to wear this type of skirt with a shirt.

  • the trapeze skirt

Then, we have the trapeze skirt which, as its name suggests, forms a trapezoid from the waist to the bottom of the skirt. This skirt goes with all body shapes but especially the pyramid shape since it will highlight the lower body. The A-line skirt highlights the waist, so consider wearing tops that show off this skirt.

  • the tight skirt

The tight skirt is also a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. This skirt naturally offers a sexy look because it hugs the body of the woman wearing it. You can choose to wear it with a slightly looser top to reduce this sexy effect, or on the contrary accentuate the glamorous side by wearing it with a tight top.

If you choose the second option, we advise you to opt for a top in the same color as the bottom to have a monochrome look.

  • the corolla skirt

Finally after the trapeze skirt, we have the corolla skirt. The corolla skirt is a very full skirt which has its volume, tightened at the waist, with gathers or soft pleats. Suitable for all body types, the corolla skirt can be worn with a shirt or blouse slipped under the belt to highlight the waist.

Top 3 best looks with a long skirt

Above we talked about how to wear a long skirt based on its type, cut and aesthetic. Now we present to you the best looks with long skirts.

The denim skirt

denim skirt

We start with the denim skirt. The denim skirt is as practical as denim pants. It is easy to wear like the outfit seen above. The skirt, with its length and material, already makes the whole outfit.

You just have to choose a top which can be a basic one like here with the turtleneck or can be patterned, it's whatever you want. In addition, this denim skirt, a good basic, has no print so is very easy to wear.

The leather skirt

leather skirt

Next we have the leather skirt. The leather skirt should also be in your wardrobe. When autumn begins and we begin to enter the cold seasons, leather is there! Wear your leather dress with your wool sweaters and be trendy even when it's cold.

Jacket and skirt set

jacket skirt set

For an elegant and trendy look, an outfit consisting of a jacket and matching skirt is unbeatable! The look is not only quick to put together but is also very feminine. You can buy an already combined set in store or opt to combine your clothes yourself by choosing a jacket in the same colors or patterns as your skirt.

Now you know the different types of long skirts and how to wear each one. Of course, you now have the keys to pulling off your best looks with a long skirt.