How to hide your arms with a sleeveless dress?

Some women don't like to expose their arms, for cultural reasons or simply because they don't like them. Unfortunately, these women are hesitant to wear sleeveless dresses because they don't know how to wear them while hiding their arm.

So we have prepared this article for you to show you that you can wear a sleeveless dress, hide your arms and be trendy at the same time!

Hide your arms elegantly with classics

You don't want to show your arms but you want to wear pretty sleeveless dresses and you are totally right. However, we have the solution you were looking for: wear something over or simply underneath. Therefore, you will wear the dress and hide your arms.

The first point to hide your arms is to dress in classics such as jackets, blazers, blouses and long-sleeved t-shirts.


woman jacket

The jacket is the most classic element to wear to hide your arms when you are wearing sleeveless clothing, and in this case, a sleeveless dress. It allows you to hide your arms while remaining classy. There are lightweight jackets available, so no worries about temperatures!

Be careful not to opt for jackets with tight sleeves so as not to emphasize your arms, contrary to your intention.

The jacket

women's jacket

The jacket refers to the small jacket that we have in our wardrobe which emphasizes our shoulders and highlights our silhouette. If you don't yet have it in your wardrobe, make sure you find one because thanks to this piece, you will hide your arms in a very elegant way.

The blouse and the shirt

women's blouse

A little more versatile, the blouse is a piece that totally fits your situation. You can wear it long or short with your dress. It is available in several colors, which will allow you to put it together even better with your sleeveless dresses. Versatile, the blouse depending on its cut and material, it can ensure a casual style as well as an elegant style.

Unlike the blouse, the shirt is found in a slightly more opaque material than that of the blouse. This means it is perfect for slightly cooler weather depending on its thickness.

If you like blouses, discover the most beautiful satin blouses .

The long-sleeved t-shirt

t shirt dress

Honestly, have you ever thought about putting a long sleeve t-shirt under your dress? It is a blend that is too often underestimated for the results it offers us. Wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt under your dress can be very pretty. You can diversify your looks by choosing a t-shirt that has a turtleneck, a V or round neck, all depending on the model of the dress. In winter or autumn, the turtleneck will obviously be preferred. You can even add charm to your outfits by choosing a t-shirt with large sleeves, for example.

Be trendy with your arms hidden with a sleeveless dress

We saw that it was possible to hide your arm and stay trendy with classics. The pieces previously mentioned are not necessarily all in your wardrobe, but some will soon be there.

To add a touch of charm to your outfit, here are some pieces to add to your wardrobe.

The bolero

women's bolero

We recommend the bolero which is a piece that is becoming more and more trendy recently. This essential is perfect for hiding your arms. Obviously, avoid taking it in a size that is too tight otherwise it can ruin your look. In addition, when you choose your classics, prioritize neutral and versatile colors, so you can wear them several times and in different ways.

The shawl

women's shawl

The shawl is a garment that is too often neglected and allows you to cover your arms easily and without feeling the heat since you simply wear it on your shoulders. It is ideal for periods of heat or when it starts to get cool in the evening. Indeed, it will not be very useful in autumn and winter unlike a good jacket, taking into account the weather.

Very elegant, it should be part of your wardrobe given its seasonal practicality.

The kimono

women's kimono

Essential in summer and suitable for every season, the kimono is as practical as the shawl. You will therefore be able to hide your arms, while looking classy. There are even kimonos that can be tied to tighten our waist, which allows you to be even more trendy.

For an even more elegant look, you can opt for certain materials. Try to favor materials like satin and tweed for your jackets and blazers.

Now, you can hide your arms by wearing a sleeveless dress using a blouse, a jacket, a jacket, a bolero, a shawl, a t-shirt or even a kimono. Don’t hesitate to play with materials, colors, patterns and you will obtain a trendy look by hiding your arms!