How to tie a bow with satin ribbon?

Tying a satin ribbon, a simple but little-known technique...

How many times have you tried to make a perfect bow with satin ribbon?

More than once, it's a certainty if you end up here.

Do not panic ! All the steps in creating the satin ribbon bow are there and will accompany you until the result satisfies you.
Thanks to this tutorial , you will be able to make the perfect bow.

By practicing with our quick guide, you will even be able to explain very fluently to your loved ones how to tie a bow with a satin ribbon.
What you need to understand is that the ribbon bow is not just reserved for the luxury store, especially, on their gift packaging. On the contrary, it is accessible to everyone once its system has been memorized.
This way, you will be able to add a personal touch to decorate your gifts with a small bow tie.

A beautiful satin bow that will suit all situations

The Purpose of Satin Ribbon

Its usefulness can obviously be very broad, the objective of the knot is to embellish as much as possible everything you are going to create.

The ribbon bow is a very elegant element, it is used during many events such as weddings, births, parades, hairstyles, dress accessories as jewelry.

At Christmas as on Valentine's Day , bows are synonymous with beauty, whether on gift wrapping or furnishings.

You can use the knot on special occasions as well as in everyday life. It is up to you to give an exact definition to its use.  

How to choose the color that best matches your bow?

Try to find a theme that suits your idea so that you can then assimilate a color to your creation.

For example, for Christmas gift wrapping, pine green or red are the two main colors suited to the situation. To give an even more personal gift, you can choose the favorite color of the person to whom you are going to give the item with the ribbon.

Do we have to respect a certain length?

The advice to take into account is to choose a length of ribbon wide enough to be able to give it the shape you want and thus to have margin, in this way, if there is excess ribbon, it It will only be enough to cut off their tails. Obviously, the width of the tape will depend on its use. If you want to create a small bow, you will need to use a 2.5 cm ribbon, however, to make a large bow, this time you will need to use a minimum 4 cm ribbon. The wider your ribbon, the better it will look.

What you will need to make a pretty bow:

To create this decoration, you need a pair of scissors, satin ribbon, and your hands.

How to tie a bow with satin ribbon?

Place one end of the ribbon above your four fingers, with the last three fingers, hold the ribbon so that it no longer moves.

make a simple ribbon

At this point you will only be working with your thumb and index finger.

Pass the ribbon in front of your hair to form the first loop, then in front of your index finger for the second loop.

simple ribbon to make

Pass the ribbon through the small palm of your hand and collect the ribbon on the other side so that you can then form the knot.

Simple make a ribbon

Stay focused, you're almost done!

Once you have collected the ribbon, pass the ribbon through the outer loop, just below the right loop and tighten tightly.

make simple ribbon

The two cockades are created and are identical, now cut the tails of your ribbon in the shape of a triangle to give them a more aesthetic look.

make a simple ribbon

Now that you have all the steps and knowledge, it's up to you to play and create the most beautiful satin ribbon bow and why not add it to one of our satin dresses !