How to wear a silk scarf? Our advice and tips

The scarf can be worn in several ways, casual and chic , the most important thing is to find the most suitable and elegant material to dress up your outfits. The silk scarf is the most favorite accessory for any use, silk will convey a better result.

The silk square adapts to all situations and all people, but it is best to find the way you are going to wear your scarf to help you determine your personality .

There is nothing simpler than tying a scarf, the difference is in the way you wear the silk square. The scarf is an accessory that can warm you in winter and cool you in summer. A comfortable and chic item that will only take you a few seconds to wear and remove. Here are some ideas for how to wear a scarf. Thanks to these tips , you will learn how to wear a silk scarf from all angles with class.

We will help you find the location that suits you and represents the most.

An idea for wearing a silky square, transform your stole into a top!

In fact, one of our favorite tips for wearing a satin scarf is making a pretty, trendy summer top with your favorite stole. Nothing could be simpler, here are our tips for creating the best-suited top using your silk scarf. You'll see, it's easy, quick and pretty!

Wear your square as a long top

    bandana top with simple square

      Here is one of our quickest techniques when it comes to wearing a silk square. All you have to do is fold your square in half to create a triangle. Then place it at the height of your chest and attach the two angles behind your back. Here is a new way to wear the silk square!

      bows on the back of the satin top

      Make a bandeau crop top with your satin stole

        If you want to wear your silk scarf as a crop top, here are our tips. Indeed, once you have created your long top with your stole as seen above, all you need to do is tuck the end of the point of the triangle under your chest. That's it, here's a light and summery way to wear your silk piece .

        creating a crop top with a silk square

        wear your silk stole as a crop top
        satin crop top result

        Wear your satin scarf as a top with a gold necklace

          Here's one last way to wear your satin scarf as a top: combine it with a gold chain necklace. For this technique, bring your favorite gold necklace. Fold your scarf into a triangle.

          Tie the scarf at your waist and use the tip of the triangle to attach it to your pretty necklace. Here is a unique and classy way to wear your soft and shiny stole . IF you are a silk lover, discover the history of this amazing material here .

          create your gold top with a silky scarf

          wear your scarf as a top with a necklace

          create a top with a vintage bob

          Use your bob in your hair for sublime hairstyles

          In addition to using your square as clothing or a top, you can ask yourself the following question “How to put a silk square in your hair?” And you're right, because a touch of softness and shine in the hair is this season's trendy touch!

          In addition, silky and satin materials, unlike classic headbands and elastics, beautify and protect your hair.

          Satin dresses

          Opt for wearing a square in bandana style

          One of the best-known techniques for wearing a scarf is of course wearing it flat as a bandana in the hair. This hairstyle is simple and consists of a triangle bandana covering the top of the skull and head. The printed style fabric is ideal for giving yourself a casual style. Tie the silk square at the back of the head to add a touch of pirate style. It can also be used to protect yourself from the sun and add a trendy style.

          stylish and modern bandanna wear

          Embellish your bun with a satin fabric

          For this unique hairstyle, start by gathering your hair in a ponytail, then create a messy bun. Fold the square so that it is a thin strip. Wrap the square around your head to create a twist, and go back to attaching your headband behind your neck. That's it, you've just created a very summery hair band.

          first step of bun hairstyle with silk square
          2nd step of the bun and satin stole hairstyle

          3rd step of hairstyle with scarf

          4th step scarf with bun hairstyle

          Use your satin or silk scarf in your loose hair

          You would like to wear your silk or satin scarf in a relaxed and bohemian way. Then opt for this quick and easy hairstyle. Take your vintage or new bob, separate your hair into two sections as in the photo below. Discover our tip for making a bow with a satin ribbon .

          Place your rolled up silky bob between its two sections, tie a knot and release your hair. Here is a way to wear your bohemian and casual silk square.

          3rd hairstyle loose hair satin headband
          3rd hairstyle loose hair square silk
          3rd vintage silk square loose hair hairstyle
          Add a shiny, colorful touch to your braid

          To finish, we suggest you wear your square, shiny stole in a braid. The trick is simple, we start from the previous hairstyle and we just have to braid our hair using the pieces of scarf that remained in our mane.

          4th braid hairstyle with silk square

          pretty hairstyle to wear the satin scarf

          Wear your satin scarf as an accessory

          The scarf can prove to be a real versatile accessory, used as an accessory, top or jewelry, it is the must have to have in your collection. To begin, learn to wear your square as a necklace, then accessorize your bag with a pretty silk scarf. Finally, learn how to tie your silk scarf at the ankle for a look casual and trendy.

          The square for pimp your bag

          Also discover a unique way to style your handbag daily: the accessorized bag for your soft square. This unique port of the square is one of the tips diy the most used and shared by movie stars. Twist, fold, dress your handbag with a silk scarf to give it even more elegance.

          In addition to bringing an aesthetic dimension to your handbag favorite, this tip will allow you to protect THE handles from your bag.

          square silk handbag

          The silk bandana, the new fashionable necklace

          Want to wear your silk bandana in an original and very stylish way: opt for the silk bandana necklace.

          Now let's move on to the neck , the silk square, which this time can be worn in several ways around the neck, like an air hostess or a Parisian with her choker. The advice here is to use a small square of fabric so that the result is quite elegant.

          stewardess square of silk

          To wear your scarf as a necklace, nothing could be easier, as in this photo, wrap your scarf around your neck and tie it with a simple knot , voila, your outfit is stylized and colorful.

          For a more stylized and fashionable port, opt as in the photo below for a “ knot” port butterfly of your bandana made of silk". Twist, knot and there you have it node female butterfly and elegant .

          square bow tie

          knot worn in style with a scarf

          A soft stole as an anklet

          If you ask how to wear your soft stole, use it as an ankle chain. Take your stole Bend there until you obtain a thin band and knotted this one around your pretty ankle. Colorful look guaranteed!

          wear your square on your ankle

          You find that this style is too casual or urban, opt for the same technique. But this time, combine your pretty silk scarf with a pair of heels, elegance guaranteed!!

          heels and silk scarf

          How to transform a square into a trendy and colorful bracelet?

          You can transform your little vintage silk scarf in 5 minutes flat. All you have to do is use the silk square by tying it around your handle to create an original accessory.

          Worn with an outfit all black or with a shirt casual , this tip for wearing a scarf will allow you to leave your ordinary accessories in the closet.

          square silk bracelet

          A scarf to enhance your watch

          You want to use your bright and colorful scarf to add a unique touch to your look, but you don't know how to do it. Here's the tip you were missing: decorate your watch with a satin strap. In no time, your watch is modern and colorful, and your scarf is used as a real accessory.

          the silk square worn as a watch

          A silky square to create a unique belt

          Now, one of our favorite tips: use lightweight fabric as a belt . Wear your most beautiful dress and mark its waist with the scarf, it will immediately transform the simple dress into a charming fashion combination. Or, replace your denim belt with the silk square. 

          satin scarf belt

          The silk square, a versatile and timeless scarf

          Wearing the silk square is a fashion that has been practiced for almost a hundred years, the symmetrical geometry of 90 x 90 cm is the original size of the fabric which expresses wealth and luxury . This trend comes back into fashion every year, its advantage is that each year, another way of wearing it emerges. An influence that develops over time and continues to evolve.

          The only accessory needed is a silk square, it will do all the work required to enhance your image in the best way.

          However, be sure to adapt the color from the square of silk to your complexion, put the fabric close to your face and watch its effect on you. The essentials that always remain top of trends are original and colorful prints. W e advise you to wear a silk scarf with patterns and bright colors to make all the difference and thus be noticed by everyone in complete elegance .

          The silk scarf is the essential accessory for your dressing room, because it does not take your weight into account, you can use it at any time of your life, it adapts perfectly.