How to wear a camisole?

Who doesn't have the traditional camisole in their wardrobe? Whether as a lingerie accessory for the night or to wear during the day, this garment is essential to any wardrobe, it is timeless and timeless.

The camisole has accompanied women for decades with different materials and cuts depending on the seasons and fashion. The woman wears the camisole whether for a casual outfit or for a more dressy and chic outfit .

In cotton, silk or satin, it is often worn to dress a neckline that is too deep under a shirt for example or under a dress that is too low-cut. During the day, we can therefore take off the shirt to feel less hot and reveal pretty straps on our tanned skin.

At the moment, we are discovering in ready-to-wear boutiques small, very colorful crochet camisole in 60s fashion that you can wear at the beach, on vacation over a pair of denim shorts. We will appreciate its relaxed and stylish style. tendency.

The camisole is also a lingerie accessory that can be found in silk, satin and often matched with a pretty set of underwear. The sets will often have beautiful Calais lace for example, for fine lingerie and we will find this lace on the neckline of the camisole . What could be more chic than wearing underwear matched with a pretty little camisole .

The camisole for a chic and feminine look

chic camisole

Some women who are cold will also appreciate the cozy camisole in thermolactile fabrics so they can wear voile shirts or dresses in winter. It will therefore be practical and worn like a second skin and will still be elegant with a little lace for example.

In recent years, it has become an essential fashion accessory in its own right and we will find it in a dressier, more chic and glamorous version.

We will even wear it alone as a dressy tank top, ultra feminine and sexy. Often women choose it in satin. This soft and silky fabric has many advantages. It will be like a second skin, it will accompany all your movements and its shine will attract the light. You can wear it with a very dressy and body-hugging short or long skirt but also with a flowing and long skirt. With very wide and flowing pants it will be very trendy but can also be worn with dress pants that are closer to the body or even slim. For an evening or a ceremony, you can wear it under a suit jacket, leaving it open or buttoning it and revealing the neckline, often in lace. This will give your outfit a very feminine and sexy side without being provocative.

The camisole in a casual and rock look

casual and relaxed look camisole

With jeans, we will be elegant in “sporty and modern” fashion.

If you play sports, you can even buy the special fabric camisole in a soft and supportive material at the same time, adapted to your activity and it will match your leggings or shorts.

So adding a small denim jacket and lounge pants in linen or a flowing material accompanied by small sneakers will give you a casual, everyday look.

The camisole as nightwear

If the camisole enhances your daytime outfits, it can also dress you for the night and your evenings. Indeed, we find many pretty pajamas, often in cotton or satin, which come in short or long versions: shorti + camisole or long pants + camisole.

With these two models, you will combine comfort and refinement, the camisole will highlight your femininity by discreetly revealing your curves.

You understand, the camisole must be part of your wardrobe and will make you beautiful day and night.

You will have the pleasure of accessorizing it and wearing it in so many different ways that it will become indispensable. Available in many colors and materials, you can choose what suits you don't waste another minute and if you don't yet have it in your know what you have to do!