How to wear a tank top?

How to wear a tank top?

Tank tops are among the most popular items of clothing. This is the case for a man and a woman. It should be noted that these clothes can be worn in a variety of ways. They will allow you to express your personality through what you wear. The good thing about a tank top is that it can be worn alone or under another item of clothing. It is also capable of making an outfit unique and casual. To help you perfect your look, we'll show you how to wear a tank top. 

Choosing a good top and bra

When wearing a tank top, you have to pay a lot of attention to the bra.

strappy or bandeau bra

A strappy or bandeau bra

The ideal is to choose a bandeau bra or one without straps. If you want to wear a tank top with thin straps, you should not forget that the majority of bra straps cannot hide the straps of a tank top with so-called “spaghetti” straps; these are the tank tops with thin straps. The result will not be particularly aesthetic. A bandeau or strapless bra will support your breasts without drawing attention to the top of the tank top. If you have difficulty finding a strapless bra that suits your body shape very well, you can always opt for another alternative: the bra model with transparent straps. If you plan to wear your tank top under a shirt or vest, you are free to wear whatever style of bra you like.

A little practical tip too: you can use a strapless bra, or use nipple pasties under your tank top.

A seamless bra

If your tank top is a tight-fitting cotton tank top, it is best to use a seamless bra. What's a little disturbing is that a tight-fitting tank top can reveal the shape of an underwired bra. The ideal is to wear a bra without underwire and without seam. It can blend perfectly under your tank top. Find out what invisible back bras are.

Opt for a tank top with wide straps

Tank tops have straps of different sizes: thin, medium or wide.

The choice of your tank top must be made according to your body shape. A generous bust will look good with a tank top with wide straps. The larger your chest, the more support you will need. The strapless bra will not be able to properly hold your breasts in place.

In this case, your tank top must have wide straps that will cover your bra straps very well. If your tank top has thin straps, it is advisable to wear a magnificent cardigan over it. The latter will be able to hide the straps of your bra.

thin strap tank top

Choosing the right width straps

To wear your tank top properly, choose a tank top with a width of straps adapted to your shoulders. Which means if your shoulders are broad, the straps on your tank top should be thick. In this way, the result will show an outfit well suited to your body shape. For thin shoulders, a tank top with spaghetti straps will do the trick. If shoulders are broad, choose a tank top with thick straps.

The neckline of the tank top is also a criterion that must be taken into account when making your choice. Your chest will appear more or less abundant depending on your choice of neckline. Otherwise, you can always find a way to draw attention away from your chest, towards your pretty eyes for example. It should be noted that if the neckline of your tank top is more elaborate, your chest will attract more and more attention.

If you don't want all the attention to be on your chest, opt for a tank top with a neckline that stops right above your neckline. On the other hand, if you want to have a chest that appears much more generous, you can choose a tank top with a much more elaborate neckline. It can be decorated with ruffles, gathers or pleats. Ideally, you should choose a neckline that is perfectly suited to the width of your shoulders. How ? With rather thin shoulders, you will look better by choosing a tank top with a straight or rounded neckline. The tank top with a V-neck, or a boat neckline, suits broad shoulders well. Thanks to these models, your silhouette will appear slimmer and more elongated.

satin tank tops

How to combine your tank top with other pieces?

Before informing you about the pieces that can go very well with your tank top, let's look at the choice of colors. If your shoulders are thin, a brightly colored or horizontally striped garment may suit you well. These clothes will make your figure appear with the right proportions. For broad shoulders, it is better to turn to plain, dark-colored tank tops, or those that come with vertical prints. The silhouette will be more refined.

If you have basic tank tops, you can upgrade your outfit by pairing them with other pieces. A tank top is called basic if it is simple and has a solid color. This type of tank top can go with everything. All you have to do is choose models that are neutral colors: black, white, gray, beige, brown or khaki. There are different styles of basic tank tops that come with lace all along the neckline and bottom edge. These are models that you can wear very well under a fitted shirt.

satin bustier

Tank tops for the most elegant

If you're the type to dress up, you can always opt for embellished and stylish tank tops. Others are decorated with lace, sequins, pearls or ruffles. These are outfits that you can take to work, or to join your lover for a special evening. You just need to combine them with the right accessories and jewelry, and your tank top can dress up any pants or skirt very well. Obviously, we recommend satin tank tops, which are a must-have in your wardrobe, whether on a summer evening to stroll near the sea while remaining chic, or at a club evening to be elegant while being comfortable, this is the piece you need.

Here is a list of the most stylish tank tops to have:

  • Satin tank tops
  • Lace tank tops
  • Flowy tank tops

From now on, wearing a tank top no longer holds any secrets for you!