How to wear a kimono with a dress?

Traditionally, the kimono is a Japanese garment that has modernized and become a popular choice for women looking to add an elegant , oriental touch to their outfit.

The kimono can be worn in many ways with many different clothing items but the most popular option is to wear it with a dress. However, there is a certain way to wear a dress with a kimono.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best times to wear a kimono with a dress , the most suitable materials for different dresses, how to wear kimono well and the things to avoid for a trendy look.

The best times to wear a kimono with a dress

Very versatile, the kimono is a garment that can be worn at any time of the year. However, there are particularly appropriate times to wear this garment with a dress.

Firstly, the kimono is ideal to wear to a wedding or formal occasion.

Note that silk kimonos are the most elegant and can add a touch of sophistication to an evening dress or wedding outfit. So, choose a kimono with delicate patterns for a more classic look or with bright colors if you want a bolder look.

Alternatively, you can wear a kimono with a dress even for a casual event .

For warm or relaxed days, we use cotton or linen kimonos. You will get a perfect look for festivals or picnics. Try kimonos with floral or geometric patterns if you're looking for a bohemian look, or consider a plain kimono for a minimalist look.

Finally, even for your work outfit, the kimono remains an excellent choice.

When working in a professional environment, while remaining casual, pairing a linen or cotton kimono with a simple dress is a good option for elegant and casual looks.

What materials for what types of dresses?

Choosing the material of the kimono is essential when you want to wear it well. However, this choice mainly depends on the type of dress. So, we have selected some suggestions for kimono materials.

  • Cotton dresses

Cotton dresses are ideal for hot summer days or casual events. You can therefore opt for a cotton kimono because they are light and comfortable. Choose patterned kimonos when you want a bold look.

  • Silk dresses

We wear silk dresses very often for formal occasions. So, you can wear a silk kimono for your evening or wedding dress. They are often decorated with traditional designs or modern designs . Try a bold look with vibrant colors or keep it classic with delicate patterns.

  • Lace dresses

Lace dresses are often worn at weddings or formal occasions. Lace kimonos are therefore a perfect choice to accompany them.

How to wear a kimono with a dress?

After discussing the right times to wear a kimono with a dress and materials for different dresses, we will now give you tips on how to actually wear a kimono with a dress.

Start by first making sure the kimono is a good length. For an elegant look, kimonos should reach at least below the knees. In fact, if the kimono is too long or too short in relation to the dress, there can be an unbalanced visual effect.

Then, try to avoid wearing a kimono with a dress that is already embellished or has many details. The kimono should be the centerpiece of the outfit and not in competition with the dress.

Finally, don't forget to accessorize your outfit . Kimonos can be worn either with belts to create a structured look or with jewelry for an added touch of sophistication.

Things to avoid for a trendy look

There are several things to avoid when wearing a kimono with a dress.

Avoid wearing a kimono that is too big for you. If it's too big, it can make you look overwhelmed by your outfit.

So, make sure the kimono is adjusted to your size for an elegant and balanced look.

Also, avoid wearing a kimono with a dress that has similar patterns. If this is the case, you get a rather disconcerting visual effect and the outfit becomes too busy.

Rather than similar patterns, choose a dress with a simple or solid pattern to look trendy and chic .

Finally, don't wear a kimono with shoes that are too flashy. Already strong pieces, the kimono and the dress cannot be combined with shoes which overload the outfit.

To conclude, the kimono is an ideal choice to accompany a dress for a formal or casual occasion. When you choose the right kimono material for your dress, avoiding common mistakes and accessorizing your outfit, you create a trendy and chic look.

Whether you opt for a silk kimono for sophisticated events or a cotton kimono for casual times, there are plenty of options to help you create the perfect outfit.

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