How to recognize a silk scarf?

The difficulty of recognizing a silk scarf

Every day many fabrics similar to silk are on sale on the market, sometimes all these fake fabrics which are sometimes very well made, it can be complicated to recognize a real silk fabric . Don't panic, several tips that you will need to conquer the real silk scarf are in this article. You will no longer have any fear of the purity of this elegant accessory.

How to recognize a silk scarf?

The silk scarf is a noble and delicate accessory; for several years now, counterfeits of the fabric have been on the market. It is therefore important to recognize and differentiate between the natural silk scarf and the artificial one.

You will see, you don't need to be an expert in the field to be able to recognize a silk scarf. Knowing the right tips is enough for you to conquer the elegant natural material.

The origin of the silk scarf comes from a fiber of animal origin. Produced by the caterpillar or spider, the thread produced is a natural protein material. A shiny and light split is on the agenda. Not to forget its isothermal quality, the accessory in question is very resistant and insulating against all weather conditions. It is a versatile material that can be used to make clothing such as household linen and sometimes even for the design of fishing line.

weft fabric woman silk scarf

The price differences between the natural silk scarf and the synthetic one may be obvious at first glance, but the durability of the accessory is much more qualified. Don't settle for a simple scarf and allow yourself to get quality fabrics.

We can no longer hide the virtues of silk material, although it is appreciated by many of us, the silk scarf is a product which brings enormous satisfaction and pleasure.

In other words, the queen of fibers is voted the most beautiful material in the field of textiles.

Although it is unimaginable, the square silk scarf practically has only advantages. The soft material of the stole can be worn in winter as in summer for all circumstances.

The two types of silk

There are two types of silk in the world: natural and wild .

These two types of silk produce a natural material, one is collected from mulberry trees and the other in the same way, but much rarer.

Does the silk scarf wrinkle?

Pleasant to wear as well as to look at, the silk scarf resists all the impurities of nature and expresses lightness and luxury in a square accessory.

Any silk scarf that creases is not a silk scarf, silk has a natural fiber that cannot crease. Small creases may eventually form, but nothing shocking or aberrant should appear on the stole. Pay attention to this detail which may be minimal according to you, but existential in terms of the qualities of your accessory.

How to recognize a silk scarf?

As this article shows, many prejudices persist about silk , now find out how to recognize it.

1- Touch the material

Despite the fact that the silk scarf is a refreshing accessory. By rubbing the fabric, heat should be generated. Once you have rubbed the silk with your hand, if you do not feel the heat, then your scarf is really not made of silk, but rather of synthetic material. Another technique to adopt is to listen to the sound that the fabric makes, if you try to crumple the silk and there is a sound of footsteps in the fresh white snow, then it is a natural silk scarf.

2- Test its fluidity

When taking a ring or wedding ring, the silk scarf is supposed to be supple and above all smooth, the ring must naturally slide very fluidly between the fibers of the accessory. In another case, if the wedding ring gets stuck, then unfortunately it is not silk the quality of your scarf.

3- The price of the scarf

Undoubtedly the price of the silk scarf will be significantly higher. Even 10x more expensive than a scarf made from a fiber other than silk. This is one of the simplest ways to recognize the real square of silk.

4- Check its shine in daylight

In general, artificial silk scarves give a white reflection to the material regardless of the fabric. Unlike silk, which shines no matter the intensity of the light or the angle seen.

5- Play with fire

play with fire natural silk

One of the best known and most relevant tests. Just take a fiber, a small thread of material and then burn it with a flame. A burnt hair smell should appear if the silk is natural. By moving the flame away from the wire, the fire will immediately stop. The smoke released will subsequently be black, and even brittle. On the other hand, in the opposite case, when you burn the wire, this time there will be a smell of burnt plastic. Be careful, this is an extremely dangerous test, you should not have anything around you that can catch fire.

6- The intrinsic silk square

You can try rubbing the fabric on any other material, there will be no statistical repercussions. The characteristics that the silk square has allow it to be intrinsic. This phenomenon is explained by the layer of natural sericin that the silk covers. So any unpleasant friction can be protected by the smooth material. Take the test with a synthetic fabric and you will immediately notice the difference in the quality of silk.

7- Test a chemical option

By making a little magic potion of certain chemicals, you will be able to test if the silk scarf is truly natural silk. This process will need:

- 15 g of copper sulfate,

- 10 g of glycerin,

- 1 tablespoon of caustic soda,

- And, 150 ml of water.

Mix these products in a basin, immerse a small piece of your silk scarf and if it dissolves within several minutes, it is natural silk, on the other hand, if the scarf dissolves immediately , it is artificial.

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The accessory for all body types

silk head scarf

It is obviously a material that adapts easily, called ideal . Silk being smooth and light , it takes the shape you want to give it and adapts according to its use. Whether it's around your neck, your waist, wrist, and even your bag. Its softness and comfort guarantee a picturesque fit on your body.

An authentic silk scarf may have certain irregularities in its weave. Which is justified by the fact that it is either created by hand or by machine. In any case, examine the weave of the scarf and if you see any perfection, this is a sign that it is probably made of synthetic material. These tips will allow you to recognize a silk scarf with ease.