How to decongest your face? All our tips!

Many of us wake up with a sore, puffy face. This can be annoying in a routine where it is necessary to get up early and leave for work quickly. We all know the comments from colleagues at work “you're sick today, you partied yesterday, you don't look awake…” But that's not the case, your face just isn't awake. , so we will give you our tips for awakening and refining it.

Using an ice cube first thing in the morning

Inexpensive and really effective tip, the cold has a decongestant effect, it will tighten your skin tissue and refine the facial jewel with its tightening effect. Pass your ice cube over your acne to reduce the pink side, also pass the ice cube under your bags and the ovals and contours of your face. In addition to tensing the skin tissues, the cold will allow you to wake up psychologically to be efficient during your day.

Using a gua sha for your beauty ritual

Gua sha is a Chinese medicinal accessory that is very popular for its skincare effects. A true tool for beauty and youth, gua sha is a cut stone that will sculpt and drain your face. With your gua sha you can work on the shape of your face by refining it considerably with its lymph-draining massage, but also on the healthy glow and quality of your skin with the virtues of natural stone. There are also different types of gua sha, such as body gua sha .

Using a teaspoon for a healthy glow

We all have a small spoon in our cupboard, this one will allow you to work miracles on your pockets after a reduced night of sleep. All you have to do is remember to put them in the fridge the day before to use them in the early morning. The intense cold combined with the steel of your spoon will boost your dark circles and erase its puffy effect in just a minute.

decongest the face

Using chamomile tea to boost your circulation

Chamomile has many beauty benefits, activating blood circulation is one of them. So, opt for using a chamomile tea bag soaked in a little cool water to stimulate the awakening of your face. This one is also miraculous for reducing your bags under the eyes, this beauty tip with less effort will allow you to have a sublime glow when you wake up.

Now you have all the low-budget tips to look good after a rude awakening. These beauty tips will allow you to have a more beautiful skin texture but also a more drained and refined face shape. You will say goodbye to your bags and your puffy face to appreciate your natural beauty without makeup.