All our ideas for country outfits for a wedding!

A country outfit for a wedding, which one to choose?

You are invited to a wedding and want to dress more casually than what we are used to seeing at such an event. For a guest, witness or even bridesmaid dress, the country dress will be perfect by mixing bohemian and chic style.

The country dress will be ideal for a country wedding. Often floral and lace, the rustic style stands out to offer a light look.

Different styles exist although most country dresses are rather long or mid-length and in neutral colors. We offer you the most beautiful models at affordable prices. Immerse yourself in the idyllic and romantic world of a country wedding.

Sober colored dresses

Forget extravagant dresses, instead choose gems in pastel tones while favoring noble materials such as silk, lace or even tulle.

Opt for the most natural color palette possible.

Country dress

A white dress for simplicity, slightly fitted at the bust. Puffed sleeves to highlight the country style. Add discreet jewelry and why not even a hat!


All in tulle to shine in the heart of a country wedding. A simple outfit, a sober color and a belt at the waist. To complete the outfit, a pair of flat shoes if you're not a fan of heels. For accessories, a simple necklace will suffice, the secret of the country outfit is simplicity and chic.

Country dresses all in flowers

A simple dress without a pattern doesn't suit you, do you like touches of colorful prints?

The country style also offers floral dresses while remaining simple and elegant !

Floral outfit

Still in length, this dress in a pink tone, covered with floral tulle, perfectly matches the bohemian style that we are looking for in a country outfit. the neckline is very well adjusted and can reveal a jewel that will adorn your neck.

Wedding dress

Casual, short with an open bust, this dress will be suitable for a young girl. The floral and pastel pattern is sublime, the dress is light so ideal for a summer wedding in the heart of nature. You will only need a hat and a small pair of heels to complete your outfit.

Plain silk dresses

These dresses will be ideal for the wedding evening. Indeed, the country style knows how to combine with an evening dress which will approach the cocktail dress.

Red dress

This metallic red dress is accessorized with a thin belt at the waist. The silk material leaves us in a rural universe. The ruffled sleeves remind us of the casual style and the neckline is sexy while still being refined. Opt for a clutch that you carry in your hand and heels that you are comfortable in.

Blue dress

Blue, a soft and romantic color that blends perfectly with a rural world. This long dress with a pretty neckline and a big bow in the middle will highlight your body!

Have you found your happiness? It would be surprising if you didn't find it among all these dresses. In any case, country style should no longer hold any secrets for you. A pretty, well-designed neckline, floral or plain, the country dress must suit you!