The best decoration ideas with satin ribbon

Satin ribbon is a versatile material that can be used to add a touch of beauty and refinement. Whether for special occasions, festive events, to beautify your home, or even as a fashion accessory, satin ribbon offers a multitude of creative possibilities. We bring you the best decorating ideas with satin ribbon to inspire you.

Party Decorations

Create a bow with a satin ribbon

Satin ribbon is a great way to add a touch of color and glamor to your celebrations. We will detail how to create a bow with a ribbon. It can serve as decoration for the event of your choice.

Steps to follow :

  1. Cut a ribbon of the size you want. However, make sure that it is long enough to tie a knot by allowing enough length to work on the shape of the knot and leave tails long enough.
  2. Lay the tape on a flat surface. Fold both ends into the middle. Overlap these two ends of the ribbon in the middle of it so as to form two loops and two tails.
  3. Adjust the proportions, making sure both curls and tails are the same size and symmetrical.
  4. Pass the left loop over the right one. Go around the right loop from behind and pass the left loop through the small loop that forms in the middle and tighten.

You get a pretty decorative bow!

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to show off this satin bow style. Use it to adorn chairs during the ceremony or to decorate arches and arbors. Satin ribbons can also be used for bridal bouquets, buttonholes, centerpieces and invitations, adding an elegant and romantic touch to any decor.


Create a satin rose

Steps to follow :

  1. Choose your fabric. It should be flexible with a width of approximately 3 mm
  2. Cut out your fabric. You need a strip of approximately 20 cm.
  3. Fold the strip in half. Fold it in half at a right angle to get a corner. Take one side of the strip and fold it over to form a 90° angle in the middle.
  4. Fold down one side. Lay the folded ribbon on a flat surface, orienting it so that the fold is in the center and both ends are hanging down in front of you. Take one of the free strips and fold it over the middle of the strip, where you made the first fold.
  5. Form a square. Take the other free side of the ribbon and fold it over the middle. Then, fold it again to form a right angle and obtain a square. Continue doing this, alternating between the two sides of the ribbon until you reach the ends.
  6. Pinch the battery with your thumb
  7. Push the end into the center. Take one end that sticks out from the square and pass it through the small hole in the center.
  8. Finally, form the rose
  9. To hold the rose, tie the ends

You get your satin rose!

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Create fashion accessories

Satin ribbon can also be used as a fashion accessory !

Create a satin ribbon sash

The steps to follow:

  1. Measure the tape. Use a tape measure to measure your waistline and add a few extra inches to allow for a comfortable fit. Cut the satin ribbon to the appropriate length.
  2. Secure the buckle. Place the end of the ribbon inside the belt loop. Fold it on itself about 2.5 centimeters. Use double-sided tape to attach the end of the tape to the back of the tape, making sure it is secure.
  3. Sew or glue. You now have two options for securing the ribbon. If you are using a sewing machine, you can sew along the ribbon to secure it in place. If you prefer not to sew, you can use hot glue to glue the ribbon in place. Make sure to secure the end of the ribbon inside the loop for a neat finish.
  4. Secure the buckle closure. If your belt buckle is removable, thread the free end of the ribbon through the buckle, then fold it inward and secure it in place with stitching or hot glue.
  5. Slip the belt around your waist to ensure it is the correct length and fits comfortably. If necessary, adjust the length of the belt by cutting off the excess tape and repeating the previous steps to secure the buckle closure.
  6. Finishing. Once your belt is the correct size, make sure any stitching or gluing is secure. You can also use a lighter to lightly burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent it from fraying.


There you go, your satin ribbon belt is now ready to wear! It will add a touch of sophistication and style to your outfit, whether for a special occasion or simply to brighten up your everyday look.

Create a satin ribbon headband


The steps to follow:

  1. Take the headband and measure the length you need to cover the top part (the visible part) of the headband. Cut the satin ribbon to the appropriate length, adding a few extra inches.
  2. Attach the ribbon to the headband. Apply double-sided tape to the top of the headband. Place the end of the satin ribbon over the adhesive and press firmly to secure it in place. Then gently wrap the ribbon around the headband, making sure to keep it taut to avoid creases and dents. Continue until you have covered the entire top portion of the headband.
  3. Once you have covered the entire headband with the satin ribbon, secure the end using hot glue. Make sure the tape is glued securely in place so it doesn't come undone.
  4. If you wish, you can add additional decorations to personalize your headband. For example, you can glue beads, rhinestones or small fabric flowers along the ribbon to give it a more sophisticated touch.
  5. Let the hot glue dry before wearing your headband. This will ensure that all decorations are secure and that the satin ribbon is securely attached to the headband.

Your satin ribbon headband is now complete! You can wear it for different occasions, whether it's an elegant evening, a wedding, or just to add a touch of style to your daily outfit.