The satin wedding: 24 years of marriage (poems, gift ideas, origin)

Just like a wedding, satin is a weaving technique designed in silk and which offers a smooth, fluid and shiny appearance. This is how the 24th year of marriage is known as the satin wedding . It's a way of expressing almost the quarter of a century shared with your companion with love and gentleness. Just like fabric, a marriage requires several responsibilities, including that of taking care of it, protecting it and loving it infinitely to live a soothing love story .

Of course, every anniversary has its meaning, especially when it comes to celebrating your wedding anniversary. Generally, an anniversary is celebrated alone, except if you have twins, but for now the satin wedding is an intimate moment shared and experienced throughout your union. A peak reminder that despite all the adventures that the couple may have undergone, everything is surmountable when love reigns within the family and the couple, whatever the duration of the wedding, nothing will be able to separate them as long as the The importance of small touches like this is never forgotten.

The anniversary, the " satin wedding ", directly refers to the shiny material, precisely, to luxury. Born in China, satin is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the textile world , its properties and characteristics are also known worldwide. Its luminous and fluid surface is used by all our great couturiers and fashion designers. It is a material as exceptional as it is tender and fragile, just like a couple who have survived 24 years of marriage, so its qualities must be preserved by taking care of it.

Gift ideas to celebrate your satin wedding anniversary

Prepare your satin wedding with a thoughtful gift designed especially for your partner. It's these kinds of little touches that will please your other half on your wedding anniversary. Here are some gift ideas in the theme of satin weddings.

  • A satin dress .
  • Satin lingerie.
  • A satin bathrobe for women and men.
  • A satin tie.
  • Satin sheets.
  • A trip to China, to pay tribute to the birth of satin and your love.
  • A pot of satin paint to redo your interior decoration together.

The requirement to give a gift related to the “satin wedding” theme is, although a significant suggestion, many other gifts could be suitable. Or giving a gift is not required, but it is a great opportunity to give it to your love .

  • Jewelry
  • Handbag with engraved initials
  • Shirt cuffs with his initials
  • Mugs, t-shirts, cases with photos of you

Situations to implement for your wedding anniversary

A charcuterie and cheese platter in front of your favorite movie A charcuterie and cheese platter in front of your favorite movie.

Give a bouquet of flowers with her favorite flowers and a red rose in the middle to remind you of how much you love each other

Give a bouquet of flowers with her favorite flowers and a red rose in the middle to remind you how much you love each other.
Prepare the cocktail of love together and drink it in your partner's favorite setting

Prepare the cocktail of love together and drink it in your partner's favorite setting
Design the love puzzle with a photo of yourself as a reference board

Design the love puzzle with a photo of yourself as a reference board.

Take advantage of this day for a romantic dinner with Asian flavors, a tribute to satin weddings

Take advantage of this day for a romantic dinner with Asian flavors, a tribute to satin weddings.

24 gifts for 24 days

In another way, if you want to make your partner smile for another 24 days, you can organize 24 small gifts , both meaningful and material, everything will depend on your budget and your imagination. These 24 gifts, give them 24 days before the date of your wedding anniversary then mark the last day with a surprise like a candlelight dinner between lovers.

Mark your anniversary by writing sweet words to your other half, they will be touched and a romantic atmosphere will automatically be born. Adding words to a relationship can in certain situations help the couple move forward solidly. Even better prepare a jar with 24 love words or phrases that your companion can read until the big day arrives. Let's prepare this list together:

  • I will never forget our first look.
  • Thank you for making me better every day that follows.
  • To love is not to look at each other, it is to look in the same direction. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • I love you like the first day.
  • Tonight, you choose the program.
  • I don't know how I managed to be so lucky to have you, you are so unique and incredible, I am proud of you.
a jar with 24 words

It's up to you to finish this love composition...

Wedding anniversaries are often celebrated without even having an idea that a significance is assigned to each of the anniversaries. Once again, it's the perfect image to show that time flies by without even realizing the great opportunities in life . For your 24th satin wedding, don't make this mistake and pull out all the stops , you will quickly understand that it is an extraordinary way of showing your love and that the years that follow will be even more fantastic thanks to the wedding. of marriages.

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All occasions are good to celebrate love! Every year, you can now celebrate your wedding in an original way. From now on, your 24th year of marriage must be under the symbol of satin weddings!