Can you paint satin over matte?

How to prepare a satin support?

Painting tips

The question that often comes up is what paint finish would I like to have for my walls?

The primary quality of satin paint is its glossy finish which reflects light . We appreciate it because it is easy to work on the wall and cleans quickly against any stains that may be caused by time or children.

Satin paint offers a grandiose range of colors, it exists in all possible and available colors. In addition, it is also applied to all existing surfaces, its only condition is that the surface must be free of impurities and smooth . If you have some imperfections on your wall, in particular such as holes or anchored marks, fill the cracks with filler so that the result of the satin paint is completely relevant .

A finish that attracts light without even blinding, satin paint brings freshness to damp and inhabited rooms. To be used in the most trafficked rooms such as the living room, bedrooms, bathroom and dressing room.

Don't make the mistake of painting your entire house or apartment in satin paint. Although it is recommended to use the satin finish on your walls, it is strongly not recommended to use it on your ceilings , in this case, choose the matte finish instead .

How to choose the right finish?

The satin finish is suitable for all rooms, a top-selling paint thanks to its adaptability . It reflects light perfectly and has exquisite coverage . The paint remains washable , so easy to maintain with a little household product.

Your desires will be met by the different existing finishes, matte, satin, glossy, velvet, concrete and lacquered. Play with textures when decorating your homes, but don't forget to paint your walls with the paint most suitable for all situations which is the satin finish. It's just a question of the gloss rate which varies between the different finishes, from the most matte to the most glossy.

By using satin paint on every other wall, a feeling of depth will be created. Due to its covering composition, the paint may possibly leave brush marks. To avoid these brush marks as much as possible, apply the paint using a roller , do not overload the roller with liquid, even if it means making several layers of paint even if, in general, satin paint only requires only one coat of paint, this varies depending on the condition of the paint on the previous wall. Be attentive when you are going to paint your walls to achieve optimal results.

You won't even need a professional to apply your satin paint over the matte paint, the fluidity of the product offered by the satin liquid is easy to handle.

In order to obtain a clean and smooth result, remove the elements which may disturb you during painting such as electrical sockets and switches.

How to paint satin on matte?

Applying satin paint to matte paint poses no problem, necessarily in several layers, because the matte paint will surely absorb the finish, the result will be just as smooth and bright . It has the particularity, if a paint is applied directly to it, of causing refusals by craters, or during drying, there will be complete detachment of the fiber . To avoid this, simply polish the surface with fine sandpaper. Likewise, to avoid causing visible scratches, make circular movements with the gratin paper to sand the wall.

Once this step has been completed, you must ensure that there are no more traces of dust or anything else on the wall. Take a wet sponge and clean your entire wall.

Decorating ideas and trendy satin paint colors

The khaki satin bedroom

Khaki bedroom

A most beautiful plant finish , khaki green represents nature but also freshness . By painting part of your walls, you will be able to play with the atmosphere of your room. Amazonian spirit which can be accompanied by hanging chandeliers, a reference to the lianas of the forest.

The beige satin living room

beige living room

The essential classic , the beige color has been part of our interior decorations for years. To bring more light , satin paint is present, in this way a depth of the main room which is your living room will be created. Beige offers you the opportunity to decorate your home with furniture of all types, modern, vintage, classic...

The yellow satin shower room

yellow shower room

Mustard yellow is a warm , sparkling and original color , your shower room will take on a renaissance thanks to a single strain of yellow satin paint. Make your moments of purity shine. Don't add more colors than that, adorn the rest of the room with white accessories.

The magenta satin kitchen

magenta kitchen

Warm up your kitchen with a color tone that reflects daylight . The shine of the satin paint blends perfectly with the black furniture and the blond wood worktop . Add some small decorative accessories in the same atmosphere as your kitchen, wooden shelves and black kitchen utensils.