What dress when you have a belly?

Do you have a belly and don't know what dress to wear to hide it? Don't panic, there are several ways to hide your belly!

In this article we will give you tips for choosing the dress that suits you best. Whether with straps, long sleeves or even ruffles, the dress can be styled in several ways. Whether you are curvy or thin, there is a dress made for you.

Here are the best tips for hiding your belly when wearing a dress!

Choosing underwear with slimming effects

As stated above, there are many ways to hide your sale when wearing a dress, and one of them is to choose the right underwear.

First of all, the underwear must be adapted to your body shape so that you are comfortable. Thanks to the diversification of lingerie and swimsuits, there are some that can camouflage or reduce these small defects.

In the case of hiding a belly under a dress like here, you can opt for a shaping bodysuit or high briefs. If you want to hide your stomach in winter, it is also possible thanks to tights which have the option of flat stomach.

So you can wear your most beautiful dress while hiding your belly!

Favor good materials

To hide your belly when wearing a dress , the materials matter a lot.

It's not the same when you wear a tight dress like stretch and when you wear a satin dress. One highlights your stomach and the other flatters you.

The secret to choosing a dress that will flatter you regardless of your body shape is to pay attention to the thickness of its material. The thicker it is, the more flattering it will be on you.

In summer, consider wearing dresses with fluid and soft materials to hide your belly.

Also, favor matte materials over shiny ones, because unfortunately, the latter mark more.

Focus on the cut of the dress

Obviously , if the material matters, so does the cut of the dress . When you tailor your dresses to your body shape, you're more likely to hide your tummy and flatter yourself.

However, there are dress cuts that make it easier to hide your belly than others.

The empire waist dress

Empire waist dress

Thanks to its fairly flared cut which starts from the chest, it is perfect when you want to camouflage a round belly.

The trapeze dress

Trapeze dress

The trapeze dress is a dress that you should also favor. With its flared cut at the bottom, it frees the legs and thus balances the silhouette.

The wrap dress

Wrap dress

Finally, we also have the wrap dress. This dress is ideal because by freeing the neck, it highlights your neckline by highlighting your waist and therefore hides the belly in this way. This is also the case for the tunic dress that we generally wear in summer.

So opt for flowing dresses that will slim you down. Your dress should fall and not be tight around the stomach. If the dress is too short, it will only accentuate your belly. Prefer a long or mid-length dress.

If you have a belly, wear dresses with ruffles or pleats at the front to hide it. Trapeze dresses are also preferred for people with a small stomach.

body shape satin dresses

Avoid overuse of details

To hide your belly when you have a dress, you should avoid dresses that have too many details.

By doing this, the aim is to avoid adding volume. When we talk about details, we mean: ruffles, frills and any other layering games that only accentuate. As long as they are very light, you can wear draped dresses.

Choosing the right clothing colors

We talked about the material, the cut, and even the details. After all these points, it is essential to talk about the color of clothes. There are colors that will flatter you more than others, and therefore hide your flaws at the same time.

Do you know why we all (or almost all) have a little black dress? The black dress is an essential basic to have in your wardrobe because it automatically flatters us and the fact that it is black plays a big part in this.

Indeed, dark colors instantly slim the body and are therefore much more flattering than light colors, which allow us to see more details of our body.

Be careful about the patterns you choose: light patterns will always be your best choices. Above all, avoid vertical patterned dresses because they stretch the silhouette.

Highlight another part of your body

If you have trouble wearing a dress because you have a belly, try highlighting another part of your body. There are several ways to do this.

To highlight another part of your body, you can opt for attractive accessories that will distract our eyes from your flaws. A rather showy necklace with a V-neck dress would be the perfect example.

Focus on your neckline, your hair or even your favorite accessories!

In conclusion, it is not always easy to find the dress that suits you when you have a small stomach. However, by following our tips, you have all the cards in hand to find the one that will highlight you the most.