Which jacket or coat with a long dress?

Long dresses are dresses as trendy as short ones for their elegance and class. However, the weather is getting cooler and we are entering jacket season and gradually into coat season.

This is why you may wonder which jacket or coat would go with a long dress and our job is to show you that you have many choices!

The different types of dresses

In fashion, we care about assembling pieces based on many criteria: color, cut, shape, patterns and many others.

Even if we must think the opposite, a long dress is as easy to wear with a jacket or coat as a short dress.

The most important thing to wear a long dress with a jacket or coat is to choose the jacket according to the type of dress. So, here are the different types of dresses:

  • The strapless dress is a dress that has the specification of stopping at the bust and being sleeveless. As a result, it reveals the shoulders and therefore highlights them. It is perfect for a romantic or sexy look. Of course, it is available in both short and long versions.
  • The asymmetrical dress is a modern dress. It is literally asymmetrical, with one less sleeve or an unbalanced collar. This dress has only been trendy since very recently so is a must-have.
  • The straight dress , as its name suggests, is straight. It does not emphasize a particular shape, but can be tightened at the waist to add charm. Classic, it is ideal for casual and everyday outfits.
  • The sweater dress remains perfect for fall and winter. This piece mimics the shape of a sweater but is simply suited to dresses. Its material is generally warm and is therefore made for cool weather.
  • The shirt dress is a casual dress that can look classy depending on how it is worn. It's a basic to have in your wardrobe, whatever the material. You can also bend it to change the effect of the dress.
  • The skater dress is a dress that gives a quite romantic style. It is created to subtly emphasize your waist and be a little flared at the hips. Thanks to this, it highlights your legs so obviously, it is best worn short.
  • The wrap dress is quite elegant and remains casual at the same time. This dress usually has a V-neck and ties at the waist. As a result, the dress highlights your waist and chest. You can wear it in all its lengths.
  • The trapeze dress is a dress created with the aim of sculpting your waist while being comfortable to wear. It is quite narrow at the shoulders and flares out from the chest, so gives the illusion that you have a sculpted body.

beautiful satin dresses

The ideal jackets and coats for a long dress

You know the different types of dress and their specificities. Now you can wear a dress, depending on the jacket or coat you choose. So, we have chosen the ideal jackets or coats for a long dress.

The blazer

women's blazer

The blazer is a classic and timeless piece that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. It is ideal for all types of outfits, whether it is a look in pants, a skirt or even a dress.

If you want a strict look, you can take it in a long version so that it goes perfectly with your long dress. You can choose to cinch it at the waist with a belt or not. This piece goes perfectly with a straight dress, a sweater dress, a shirt dress and some asymmetrical dresses. She brings a strict side to these different dresses and is therefore prioritized for going to work.

The perfecto

women's perfecto

The perfecto is also one of the greatest classics in our wardrobe. You can find it long or short and in different materials like leather and suede.

With a long dress, it brings back a very rock side and can be quite sexy. Dresses to wear with a short perfecto are the sweater dress, the shirt dress, the asymmetrical dress, the strapless dress. It wouldn't go with a straight dress because the primary purpose of a short perfecto would be to emphasize the waist thanks to its length. When the perfecto is long, it goes well with a straight dress, but will not go with a wrap, trapeze or skater dress, because the dresses would not be highlighted.

The straight jacket

women's straight jacket

The straight jacket is available with different collars, but remains straight, as the name suggests. It is quite similar to the blazer but it can be worn with a long wrap dress to break up this very straight, even strict side. On the other hand, you should avoid wearing it with a straight dress because the look can quickly become boring, unless you cinch your dress at the waist.

The trench coat

women's trench coat

When we talk about long dresses, we very often think of the trench coat. The trench coat is the essential piece to have in your wardrobe in general but even more so when it comes to dresses.

A turtleneck sweater dress with a trench coat would be the look to have for fall. You can also wear it with a shirt dress and a straight dress tightened at the waist so as not to have a too straight look.

The aviator

women's bomber jacket

And finally, we have the aviator. The aviator is a coat that offers us both a casual and trendy side. With the aviator, the sweater dress, asymmetrical, shirt, straight (cinched at the waist) makes the most perfect looks. This is a piece not to be overlooked with a long dress.

Now you know the different types of dresses and you know how to wear them with jackets and coats. So you can wear your long dresses with your coats and be trendy at the same time!