All the benefits of satin pillowcases for hair (+where to find them!)

Satin pillowcase for beautiful hair when you wake up

Looking good when you wake up is not for everyone. Especially if you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair. Indeed, so-called structured hair fibers are particularly capricious. It is therefore wise to be meticulous about the smallest detail in their care, right down to the choice of bedding material. For a gentle awakening, far from frizz, a grandmother's tip is to opt for satin bed linens. Find out how using a satin pillowcase could benefit your hair.

What are the benefits of a satin pillowcase for hair?

In addition to external aggressions such as pollution, humidity and the sun, friction with the pillowcase is one of the main causes of frizz and breakage of the hair fiber. In fact, the friction of fabrics on the hair weakens its surface and eliminates the natural lipid barrier that covers it. Result: dehydrated, tangled hair with frizz, split ends and breakage. Enough to waste precious time every morning! With a satin pillowcase, you will no longer risk having this kind of problem.

If cotton is beneficial for the skin, the same cannot be said for the hair. As this material causes more friction, it is also very absorbent. It sucks up the layer of sebum that covers the hair. Due to its fluidity and smooth finish, satin, on the other hand, proves to be a good alternative, causing fewer snags and less damage. Thanks to it, you will have less frizz and tangles in your hair.

Coming from a particular weave obtained from long combed fibers, satin is also less absorbent, preserving the natural hydration of the hair. Opting for a satin pillowcase for your hair is then the best option for having well-nourished, healthy-looking hair with well-defined curls every sunrise.

satin pillowcase

How to choose your satin pillowcase?

As you can see, satin pillowcases are the miracle solution for waking up in style. It remains to be seen how to choose it. Knowing that the term satin does not define a material, but a weaving technique. There can therefore be several variations of satin on the market: cotton satin, satin silk, polyester satin, etc.

In order to preserve the natural balance of your hair, it is recommended to favor the smoothest satin variant available. In this sense, we recommend polyester satin and acetate satin which, in addition to being offered at a fairly low price, is softer and more delicate, guaranteeing optimal fluidity.

However, satin silk remains the best material for maintaining your hair. Of increased delicacy, it is made up of natural fibers which contain proteins. These nourish the hair, making it shinier and more vigorous. Not to mention that silk prevents static electricity and protects the hairstyle. It should be noted that this type of fabric is quite expensive. But to pamper our hair, nothing is too expensive!

Non-satin silk should be avoided, as it has some irregularities on its surface which can promote friction and damage the hair fibers. The same goes for cotton satin. Although it is called satin, this fabric is not smooth enough and the cotton fibers tend to dry out the hair. It is therefore to be avoided.

How to maintain the satin pillowcase for hair?

Maintaining your hair also includes maintaining your pillowcase. This mainly concerns its cleaning. In this context, it is advisable to wash bed linens regularly at the rate of one wash per week, unless it is a silk pillowcase. In this case, the pillowcase will need to be washed every three months to preserve its texture. Here are the steps to follow when cleaning a satin pillowcase:

  1. Mix water with mild detergent in the washing machine;
  2. Put your satin linens in the wash basin;
  3. Choose a gentle washing program so as not to attack the fibers;
  4. When rinsing, add fabric softener to the detergent drawer to keep the satin soft.

It is also possible to wash the pillowcase by hand to prevent it from being damaged due to contact with the drum of the washing machine.

Regarding drying, it can be done in the dryer on a cold cycle, but it is more appropriate to dry the laundry in the open air. To do this, it is recommended not to use pliers so that they do not crease the fabric. It is also advisable to spread the laundry in a corner sheltered from the sun to preserve the color. Also avoid twisting it so as not to damage its fibers.

After drying, it is entirely possible to iron the satin pillowcase, provided you set the iron to low heat. Do not wait until the laundry is dry to iron it. If this is the case, use a damp cloth to effectively remove the wrinkles.

Besides washing, there are also other best practices to ensure longevity of your satin pillowcase:

  • Before the first use, remember to soak your laundry in cold water to relax the fibers;
  • It is imperative to remove makeup before going to bed;
  • Wash your hair regularly;
  • Wear a satin bonnet if you do an oil bath in the evening.

What about satin bonnets?

Better than the satin pillowcase, the satin bonnet is the ideal accessory to protect hair from friction and drying out. It allows, among other things, to maintain curls and hairstyle. However, the hat is not to everyone's taste, especially in the eyes of our companions, because it is not very glamorous according to them. In this case, the satin pillowcase for hair will do the trick.

To summarize, beauty when you wake up depends above all on the material of the pillowcase and by extension that of the sheets. It is therefore only natural to make a point of honor in their choice. In this context, satin turns out to be the best option. Increased softness with a smooth, low-absorbency surface, it respects the natural balance of hair fibers. It also causes less blurring, therefore less frizz and breakage. Investing in a satin pillowcase for your hair is then the best gift you can give yourself.