Everything you need to know about 50s makeup

Makeup from the 50s

Over the years, fashion rhymed with glamour. The woman was in fatal fashion. Hollywood stars did not go unnoticed, they had a clear influence on the fashion of this rather glamorous decade. Which was completely different from the fashion of the 1940s, where it was still natural. 50s makeup is far more sophisticated. As it was a consumer society , a lot of importance was placed on everything that revolved around skin care to stay young, cosmetics and makeup . Products also experienced great growth. Over time, beauty has become like an “Art”. Coupled with a satin evening dress , the makeup was a real charming asset. Find out a little more in this article on sophisticated 50s makeup.

50s makeup

Skin care

When it comes to skin care, women generally do double cleansing. To remove makeup , they apply cold dream to the skin of their face to remove makeup. They then use soap, before rinsing everything with cold water. Indeed, this choice of using cold water is perfectly justified. Cold water ensures tone for the eyelids and eyes. To clean the pores, they prepare a basin of hot water, above which they place their face. This is also Marylin Monroe 's routine every evening. There are even some women who bathed in eye lotion. They come with a brush and hot water for cleaning the eyelashes. Above all, good sleep was recommended, in order to look good the next day. On the market, there were various epidermis protection creams. They protect it against external attacks; enough to allow women to better preserve their skin.

A particularly smooth and pale complexion

In the 1950s, we met women with smooth, pale complexions, which suggest a mask effect. This is because women used to apply a thick cream, liquid or “pan cake” foundation, only to be covered with a flesh-colored powder. In this way, the result obtained is very close to the incarnation of the skin. Furthermore, the cream base used by the women was ivory. The fashion of this period is the smooth and pale face . To add pep to the complexion, we made do with a pastel-colored blush, more like a pastel color. Most often it is pink. Blush is applied starting from the bottom of the cheekbone towards the temple. This must always be in harmony with the lipstick.

Cat eye fashion

The touch of makeup that especially characterizes the 50s is eyeliner . This makeup was particularly popular in the USA. The eyeliner line is drawn to create cat eyes . The first tube of automatic mascara, the “mascara matic”, was marketed in 1957 by Helena Rubinstein. The sale of this product is extremely successful. The automatic mascara is available in black or brown. Eyelash curlers were very popular among women to intensify their look. Eyebrows are darker compared to their natural shade, and come with a more arched shape. Eyebrow stencils are available in the market to help them achieve that arched shape perfectly. The eye shadows used are mainly light shades such as blue or white. They are applied just above the eyeliner. In makeup palettes you can find a large number of colors with various reflections. Revlon allowed women of this era to obtain specific makeup, by selling eyeshadow palettes with 2 or 3 shades. To lengthen the look, eye shadow was a widely used alternative. This is applied in a V. No longer run out of inspiration by discovering makeup ideas from the 50s .

50s lipstick makeup

Sensuality on the mouth

For mouth makeup, you just need to refer to the attractiveness of Mariln Monroe's mouth, to know the fashion of the 50s. Lips had a real power of seduction in the 50s. And that, most women of that time knew this. In fact, 2 out of 3 women had sensual lips every day. The ideal is to match the color of the lipstick with that of the nail polish . The mouth is painted red. The youngest ones wear it in pink. The lipstick completely covers the lips, with an upper lip that overflows and forms two peaks at the cupid's bow. Anti-smudge lipstick was created thanks to Hazel Bishop (1906-1988), the “stay-on”. Who is at the origin of the famous slogan “It stay on you… not on Him!” », which has never ceased to leave its mark.

marylin monroe makeup

How to do 50s makeup

To achieve 1950s makeup, you need: a set of brushes of different sizes for the complexion, eyes, foundation, concealer, concealer, powder eye shadow, pencils for drawing the eyebrows, false eyelashes, cream eyeshadow, powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

The first step is to even out the complexion and apply makeup to the face. So we start by applying a green corrector with foundation. Then, apply the foundation to the entire face with a sponge, then spread the concealer using a brush, on the top of the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye. Put blush on the top of the cheekbone. Then it's the turn of the eyes. Use a brush to match the shade of the eyebrows with black and brown makeup. The next step is to apply a line of black shadow under the eyelid outwards. Finish your makeup by outlining your lips. You can always use a lipstick that is the same color as your dress.