Different outfits to recreate with a denim skirt

Create trendy winter looks with a denim skirt

The denim skirt is a must-have in summer and winter, with sneakers to stay comfortable, heels for a special occasion or flat boots if you want to stay chic without heels, the skirt goes with everything as long as you like it. adapt to your body shape and the season.

Go buy a denim skirt if your closet doesn't already have one! Comfortable and timeless , in mini, midi or maxi version it adapts to all your desires.

In this article, discover some inspiration for wearing your denim skirt whatever its shape.

In winter, we opt for the gray, black or blue denim skirt that you can combine with black or fancy tights. A timeless piece of women's wardrobe, here is

The denim skirt with sneakers

For a casual outfit, the denim skirt can easily be worn with sneakers and a pair of opaque tights.

To keep a casual and comfortable look, you add a colorful knit sweater or in dark tones if you prefer, which you tuck lightly into the skirt. The final touch, a blazer to break up the sportswear style of sneakers.

Skirt with basketball

The denim skirt with thigh high boots

Dare to wear the high boots and mini or maxi skirt combo, a very trendy duo that has become an essential fashion silhouette among fashion influencers and celebrities of the moment. Find out how to wear over-the-knee boots to perfection. To stay warm, take out your most beautiful fur or suede coat and your outfit is complete to spend a warm winter while being fashionable. Add your most beautiful sunglasses and a clutch that you hold in your hand!

Thigh-high skirt

Dr Martens with the denim skirt

Dr Martens boots to add a rock touch to your outfit . A very wide white sweater that you tuck into your skirt. If you want a touch of color, I recommend the pink, orange or red hat which will brighten up your entire outfit.

And finally, a beautiful pair of Ray Ban glasses! If you think you're cold, don't panic, add an aviator-style coat to follow the rock look.

Dr Martens and denim skirt

A chic look with loafers and a denim skirt

Moccasins are coming back to the forefront after having passed through generations. Today, they are combined with pants, a dress and of course the essential denim skirt that you associate with a pair of tights in winter as well as white socks that go beyond the shoes, the new trend of chic schoolgirl style.

The little extra? A vintage baguette bag and sunglasses to finish the outfit.

Moccasin skirt

Cowboy boots are making a comeback

For a cowboy style , adopt cowboy boots that you can wear with a long denim skirt slightly slit in the middle, with black or brown tights, both go very well with this style of boots.

Up top, opt for a brown or more colorful shirt depending on your preferences. That's it ! All you have to do is don't forget your leather jacket to finish the look. Also find out how to wear a long skirt .

Cowboy skirt

A denim skirt and pumps

For a professional meeting, if you want to be chic while maintaining a casual look then opt for a denim skirt and pumps.

It's winter so don't forget the black tights!

Above, what's better than a shirt, the one you prefer, colorful or in dark tones to stay sober, the choice is yours. Above the shirt, a black blazer to cover you. You can wear a beautiful belt, an accessory that perfectly completes a chic outfit for a professional meeting.

Denim skirt and pumps

Hundreds of looks are possible with a denim skirt. In fact, it goes just as well with a tank top and sandals as with tights and a pretty pair of boots! To stay casual in the street or for a professional meeting, it adapts to all situations and all seasons.

With all these tips, you will no longer be able to say that you no longer have ideas for creating outfits with a denim skirt!